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Hey every one! I am having a problem with my 3D and I can't seem to nail down the issue causing it, I can only temporarily remedy the problem. Before I get into the details, here is my system set up.

i5 3570k
Nvidia GTX 670 ftw
Asrock z77 extreme 4
8 gb g.skill ram
Asus vg 278h 27" 3d monitor with built in transmitter
Samsung 830 128 SSD
Western digital caviar black 1tb data drive
LG 3d bluray reader/writer

So... my problem is that sometimes when I start a game like Diablo 3, or Borderlands in 3D mode, the 3d is normal. I pop on the glasses and start playing. Other times, seemingly random, when I turn on the 3d all i get is a redish tint to the displayed image instead of the two unique layered images with creates the 3d effect. I have noticed that if I roll back windows updates it seems to sometimes reset the problem also I have noticed uninstalling and re installing the NVIDIA drivers will sometimes fix the problem. Once the issue arises, (the red coloring) It will not go back to working 3D. I have looked through my Windows Updates and don't see what really would be causing the problem, but it also doesn't make sense that it's the driver because the driver is fully up to date with no new updates.

Does anyone have suggestions on fixing my issue?

Thanks everyone!
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  1. re installed nvidia drivers again. Temporarily fixed for now, But i know it will happen again in the it has for a month. Any ideas?
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