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Burning Problems

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October 31, 2001 1:25:16 AM

Ok bear with me here....
Friend got a celeron533 some time ago. He has a 50x Diamond Data CD-Rom and a 6x Diamond Data Burner. During the whole time he's had this thing he's had trouble burning. He used to use Easy CD Creator 4 now he uses Easy CD Creator 5.
What happens is that his burn will fail sometime during the process and report output device errors. I came over and checked inside his machine and the burner had been setup as a primary slave to the hardrive and his cd-rom was a setup as a secondary master. I switched his burner to secondary slave to see if that would help.
It did! We burned three cds successfully without problem. Then i go back to his place a week later and try and burn something and i got a track error or something like that. I tried again, and this time i got to 99% and then the same track error happened. How can this be?

Now that you know the's a couple of Qs.
1. What is the optimal setup for an IDE Burner (eg. which IDE channnel etc?)
2. We tried both options of copy to harddrive first, and direct cd to cd burning. (It worked the day i changed the setup, but now it doesn't)

Can anyone help me out here??

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November 1, 2001 2:45:33 PM

one way is to copy file to hard drive then used data copy so you are not useing both cd-rom at same time . another is to move cd-rw to other channel and make it the slave
November 1, 2001 9:30:46 PM

Yeah, but doing that is an absolute pain in the arse. Also selecting all the files off of the CD doesn't work sometimes. Ie with Risk 2. At the moment I do have it set up as slave. A fellow at my work has told me to setup my cd rom as primary slave, and the burner as a secondary master. Maybe that will work.
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November 3, 2001 12:35:14 PM

if you could get your hands on another CD Burning software, then try burning with that software...
my Sony CD-Writer just won't work with my Burning software and kept giving my errors, and all i did was to get another Burning software and it worked without a glitch...

anyway, i've been told by my PC Dealer to always put the Writer as the Secondary Master...
i dunno whether that's true, but it doesn't really make a difference to me

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November 7, 2001 12:20:46 AM

Whenever you can you should put a burner on on Secondary Master, and a CDROM on Secondary Slave. It is best to keep optical drives on a different channel than hard disks, because they will limit the speed of your HDD, and could cause a buffer underun. It is also a lot safer to burn cds from a drive image rather than cd to cd. A good burning software is Nero. I'm sure you can find a free copy if you look hard enough, but a fully functional demo is at <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>. Don't use two burning utilities at once. Uninstall the one before you use the other.

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November 9, 2001 3:09:55 AM

Nero is good Buring Software, Adapteic 5 Platinum S_cks!.

I was alwasy told to have Burner as Secondary Master and regular CD as Primary Slave. Makes me wonder if I should move regular CD to Secondary Slave and see how it performs.

Goto if you need a copy of Nero...

Oh, I tried to remove Adaptec 4.0 and it made my PC BLOW CHUNKS (blue screens of death continuously), had to rebuild, PC was beyond repair!

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November 10, 2001 5:31:31 PM

My CDR writer is second master and my CD drive is second slave and it works fine. Just try different burning software to see which one fits better (clone CD, Nero, Easy CD creator, WinOn Cd, etc...). Also when you burn don't bug your computer, leave it alone until it's done. Turn off the screen saver and set the turn off monitor function on never.