XFX 6850 Dual Fan or XFX 6870 Single Fan

Hi, Which of the following graphics card should I buy?

XFX 6850 Dual Fan - $ 131
XFX 6870 Single Fan - $ 142

I want to buy XFX 6870 , but fan noise a load is too high. :non:

What do you think should I do? What is the XFX 6850 Dual Fan OC potential? Thanks for helping..



And my system:

AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0 GHz/2x2=4 GB Corsair Value Select DDR2-800/2x2=4 GB Corsair XMS2 CM2X2048-6400C5 DDR2-800 / ECS A780GM-A B.E. V1.1 / Palit HD4850 512 MB /320 GB Samsung Sata II HDD / 1 TB Samsung Sata II HDD / Xilence XP700 700W 135mm Fan PSU Gaming Serisi 80+ R3 / Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 Bit.
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  1. Get something from Sapphire. For your build I'd OC that 640, it will be a bottleneck for a 6870.
  2. I can not buy any other brand. These are the only place I buy there. They are the cheapest. "640, it will be a bottleneck for a 6870." I will pay attention to it.
    Maybe I'll buy POWERCOLOR HD6850 GDDR5 1GB 256Bit AMD Radeon - İt's only 119 $. How can this be an option?
  3. What resolution are you using? 1080p, I would go with the 6870.
  4. I'm usually 22 "LCD monitor use(Playing game, surfing net..). But sometimes, 42" LCD TV I watch the movie. I suppose I use 1680x1050 resolution on monitor.
  5. If you overclock, then a 7770 might be a better option. Good models can often overclock significantly further than a 6870 (granted that's partially because 6870s tend to not overclock exceptionally well) and at 1680x1050, the memory bandwidth loss from going down to a 128 bit GDDR5 memory connection shouldn't hurt much at this performance level.
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