Went from EPIC to TOTAL LOSS

Hi ive recently built a PC and it was able to run games like homefront and Payday the hiest flawless without lagg
and recently it has been a pain in the ass lagging 24/7 in every game even penumbra black plague.

CPU:intel i3-2350m 2.3GHz
GPU:Nvidia 520mx 1gb ddr3
OS:Windows 7 64BIT

it's nothing "epic" just a med range gaming lappy and now its lagging as hell please i need a fix :D
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  1. did your settings change? because thats a very weak GPU. might want to put everything on low and try from there.
  2. You built a lappy?
  3. FinneousPJ said:
    You built a lappy?

    good point.
  4. FinneousPJ said:
    You built a lappy?

    nooo i bought one now can i just help me please?

    i've been lagging hard on most games i dont have any viruses on my pc and my fan doesn't have dust in it i dusted it yesterday
  5. hi. hello.

    did u lower your settings?
  6. daswilhelm said:
    hi. hello.

    did u lower your settings?

    in games like payday the hiest i used to play it On Maxed no lagg
    i tried lowering it then there was frame skipping S:
  7. so you lower settings and get worse performance?
  8. The most likely scenario for that behavior is overheating. Your laptop is probably in need of a good cleaning (which usually involves disassembly). Also, when gaming with a laptop, be very careful about keeping the vents unrestricted and I will highly suggest the use of a cooling pad.
    Give it a good cleaning, I'd wager that'll help.
  9. its possibly due to heat in the system. at a chance.
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