New computer wont work...

Hey guys,
Im relatively new to building my own system but have been doing a lot of reading and online browsing for information on how to go about it for the last 3 months.

I completed my computer today, and when i went to turn it on for the first time to run BIOS the computet turned on and everything appeared to be fine. Then after about 10 seconds it turned it self off, then on again, then off again and so o. I chose to unplug the system from the mains and it turned off completely, but when i went to plug it back in and try again, the fans started up for a split second then nothing.

Ive spent the last few hours, looking for shorts, breadboarding, changing the ram around tos ee if theres a problem there and nothing. I dont think its a PSU problem as there are 2 lights (power and reset) on the bottom of the motherboard that come on as soon as i plug the PSU in.

My main thought is some sort of motherboard problem.... But what do you guys think?

intel i7 3770k
P8z68- v pro/gen3
Antec 750 watt PSU
4x4gb corsair vengeance RAM
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  1. It's probably motherboard or psu. If you are able to get into the BIOS check your voltages. IF you can't, see if you have an extra psu or if one of your friends does.
  2. Check your front panel connections, or remove them completely and use the power button on the motherboard. If they are wrong or you have a faulty reset switch it could cause it to reboot infinity. Just a thought.

    Could be a mobo or PSU issue, but it could be much simpler.
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