One PC, two gaming locations, need advice

Currently I have my gaming setup in a first floor office. I'm finishing my basement to include a projector, surround sound and media cabinet.

What I would love to do, is put my system in an HTPC case and put that in the media cabinet downstairs. I would run wireless keyboard and mouse for control and be able to stream all my movies, run xbmc, etc. right from the couch on the big screen.

This is where it gets questionable. I'm thinking that for gaming, I would run extension cables for my wired keyboard and mouse, my monitor, and a speaker cable, up through the floor into my office and leave everything connected. So this way, I can game with my nice reliable peripherals on a monitor with no lag.

So, can anyone see any major obstacles to this plan, or recommend something different to accomplish my goal? Can two keyboards and mice, one wireless and one wired, both be plugged in and operational? Of course only one set would be used at a time.

Also total distance from PC to office would be about 25' of cable. I realize I may need to get a booster for USB, what about DVI/HDMI?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Well they make 25' HDMI cables
    not that much either. I can't think why it wouldn't work. It seems a little difficult though. Why not just get a bluray player for your screen room?
  2. I'm streaming mkv files from a NAS. My alternative is to buy a cheap mini pc or roku type box for the basement, this just gives me the freedom to try gaming down there if I wanted.
  3. Oh ok. Well where are you going to keep your PC? That was my problem.
  4. Building a custom media cabinet for all the toys. HTPC case, surround receiver, game systems, cable box. The cabinet will have fans venting out the side to make sure things stay cool.
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