Attansic/Atheros L1 internet disconnections, ASUS P5K SE/EPU


My internet disconnects all the time, sometimes it doesn't d/c in a while, but I think when I'm downloading it disconnects all the time.

I have tried the latest driver, an old Attansic driver and turning off task offload, flow control, nothing worked.

Any idea?

I use W7 x64 btw.
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  1. Disable, allow the computer to switch off this device to save power from it's properties in the device manager.
    Also make sure that the Power Saving feature in the PC is not set to switch it off while in use.
  2. Okay, I'll see if it helps, thanks.

    (Current settings: flow control: off, IPv6 off and the settings you suggested, Power Saving was already on performance)

    Edit: I believe it's still disconnecting.

    Edit2: Currently using the driver provided by Microsoft, Windows Update (, I've tried the latest from Atheros as well (
  3. Change performance to Distance...... that ought to amplify the signal a little and keep the packets alive a little longer than before.
  4. You mean in my modem? But I use a UTP cable to my PC.
  5. No, you couldn't be connecting to a UTP cable, it's a LAN cable, RJ45 to your PC from the Modem, which is connected to the WAN through a UTP cable.
  6. Okay, but in any case I'm not using WiFi.
  7. Ah!! Ok Performance was the Power Scheme.....
    Change Speed/Duplex setting to the same as what the router is set at, or on auto negotiate. Check Max/Jumbo packet size.
    If this does not work, we will need to roll back the drivers to the earlier version provided by the company/companies.
  8. It's set to auto, I have also tried rolling back the driver btw.
  9. To resolve,go to the driver properties, click Advanced / Task Offload, and turn this feature off.
    This should solve the problem altogether. Check and tell us after trying whatever you did when you saw the connection disconnect.
  10. This is already turned off.
  11. Yeah, so basically I need to get another motherboard...

    Deleting the driver when disabling doesn't work either.
  12. No, why not opt for a cheaper LAN card?
    That would save you a bit of money and plus you'll not have the disconnecting problems.
  13. Yes, but I'm afraid that the airflow for my GPU would suffer.
  14. Can't you get a Riser card and then the LAN card in it?
  15. Maybe, what do you recommend?
  16. I'd recommend going for a cheaper option unless it's time for a full upgrade.
    Check out which slots you have free on the board, PCie, PCI PCIe 1x, then choose the appropriate card and if necessary a riser.
    You might not need the riser if you were to use the Last PCIe 1x slot on the board for a card like this

    Or for other options....
  17. Hmm, I guess such a small LAN adapter won't obstruct the airflow since the GPU's fan is in the middle. My motherboard is the P5K SE/EPU currently (my P5K broke down) and the GPU is in the x16 lane.

    Edit: Oh, it only looked small. I have a Sapphire Vapor-X HD 5870 OC btw.
  18. The air flow will have a problem only if you were to mount something in the first PCIe 1x slot or the first PCI slot.
    By the way, what GPU are you using?

    Ah ok. The HD 5870 Vapor X will not have a problem at all if you were to mount a card in the Last PCI or PCIe 1x slot.
  19. So you think the temperature wouldn't increase?
  20. A degree or two not too much of a change that will effect the rig in any bad way.
  21. I must say tho that I in fact am saving up for an upgrade. But I'm not yet sure what to buy...

    I made a list of possible upgrades: 2500/2600K, compatible motherboard and DDR3 RAM memory; 955/965, compatible motherboard and DDR3 RAM memory; OCZ Vertex 3, compatible motherboard (SATA-600); new GPU; Ivy Bridge/Bulldozer.

    But I'm not sure what's the best option, I mainly use my PC to game (I have BF3 pre-ordered) and just use it for every day tasks, but I do multitask quite a bit.

    Current specs:
  22. Personally, I'd go for a 965BE with a good board since I like my AMD rigs a lot. But for you, I'd say go for the 2600K a nice Asus or EVGA board 2 X 560Ti GPUs and Ample RAM.

    The SSD would be good for the OS get a nice 1TB Drive for programs, a 3TB for data and backups.
    A big ass Monitor with 120Hz refresh rates preferable a Touch Screen so you can enjoy the Win 8 Touch stuff when it comes out.:)

    I'm getting my FX-8150 in the next week most probably will let you know what's the actual ranking in my opinion :)
  23. Hmm yeah, that sounds sweet. Then I got to save up some more money :P

    (Currently have €239,22 saved up, soon to be €339,22)
  24. is that two hundred and thirty nine or 23 thousand and...?:)
  25. If it only were 23 thousand :sarcastic:
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