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Upgraded Dell XPS 710 (2006 build) from Windows XP to 7. Only issue is no sound from the Sound Blaster sound card. I've tried ALL trouble- shooting tips from Microsoft and Sound Blaster. I'm able to hear sound when I perform a sound test during SB's setup through all my 5.1 speakers. Otherwise just crackle or silence. Do I just need to break down and buy a new sound card? If so, what's recommended. Thank's for any advice.
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  1. anything certified to work on Windows 7 with TOSlink. You can connect the digital out to a self powered centerchannel speaker, like the ones they sell at walmart for HDTVs. Speakers will cost less than 100.00 and sound great.
  2. Starraider, I'm not certain this is the correct solution for the problem you're having. I have an older SB Audigy card, and after reinstalling it, there was no sound output (except for Windows' sounds).

    I stuggled quite a while, then found out that the Soundblaster card puts a checkmark in the box for "Output Digital Sound Only," [by default] After I cleared that checkmark, everything worked properly again. I found that box somewhere in the sound settings (not sure, since there are a number of places for sound settings). You can try what I did, and maybe get lucky. I hope it works for you, too.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. This is a very helpful site.
  4. I'm just curious, since you didn't specify. Did my suggestion work? Have you solved your problem some other way? Are you still unable to get the sound working the way you want? Heh heh. Let us know; your experience may help others who have a similar problem.
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