AMD Radeon 7850, couple of questions

Totally new here, read the stickys so pretty sure I'm doing this in the right place. Also have 0 knowledge of anything computer hardware related, so sorry if my questions are stupid.

After numerous hours of comparing and asking I think I've settled for the 7850, I don't have a heap more than £150 to spend and it seems the general consensus is that its the best in its price range. It seems to be better than the 560ti (?), and the next comparable card is the 570, which is out of budget.

Something that has me confused (yep told you I have no idea) is why there are so many models of the same card? As far as I can tell, they are just OC'd with different fan configurations? Is it worth it to spend more on things like the "Power" edition and all that, or is the cheapest 2GB version fine and can OC to the same speed?

This is the one that I was looking at in particular

About to buy a card in the next few hours, so if anyone can tell me if theres a better card for similar money, or if theres a better site then Scan, or if theres some big thing I've missed in my ignorance, it would be a big help.

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  1. to answer the first question buying the cheapest card and oc'ing it yourself doesnt guarantee you that you will reach the speed of the factory oc'ed cards....usually cards that are factory oc'ed are binned cards so they have a little more potential to oc..its up to you if its worth the extra money for factory oc' could get lucky and get a plain old card that oc's better then the factory oc'ed ones.....xfx makes good cards and they have good customer support....the only bad thing about the card some people complain that the cards fan is a little loud...over all a great card thought good choice with the 7850
  2. For up to 150 pounds, you've chosen the best card you can get.
  3. Sunius said:
    For up to 150 pounds, you've chosen the best card you can get.

  4. Thanks alot for the replies, pretty confident on the buy now.

    I know I'm asking a tonne of crap, but, its my first time doing this (after it for gaming) and I'm skeptical as to how its going to perform, since all I'm doing is taking a premade desktop and putting a graphics card in. It has 8GB of RAM, i5 2320 and soon to be the 7850 (if thats enough specs to go off). Can I expect good performance?
  5. Do you know if your computer's power supply can handle the graphics upgrade?
  6. Double check your PSU and its rail info, but that does look like "it" for your current budget.
  7. the power supply should be at utmost importance. as for power consumption and overclock headroom, dont worry if you have an underclocked card. the 7800/7900 series were built to be heavily underclocked. you can overclock them alot before any voltage additions is necessary. for instance, in the 7950's case, base clock was like 800 mhz, and OC varients were 900 mhz. You know amd horridly underclocked them when as the 660ti came out and they dropped the 7950's price, they made a patch for the 7950 reference bios to run at 900 mhz, meaning that it was underclocked of course since the beginning. Same applies to the 7800 series. it isnt till around like 1100-1200 clock i think on a 7850 where you need to put a tiny bit of voltage on.
  8. I haven't a clue what my power supply is, this is my computer.

    I can't really see if it lists the power supply on there, did a bit of digging and cant find it. It'll probably need replacing I assume.
  9. Open the side of the PC and take a look at the sticker on the power supply!
  10. Sunius said:
    Open the side of the PC and take a look at the sticker on the power supply!

    +1^^ Do this. It's an easy way to get this info.
  11. I think the brand is Liteon, says a load of crap about temperatures and then says will not exeed 250w, highest watt measurement I could find on the label. I take it that it needs replacing then?
  12. It needs replacing. There's no way that it will work with even most of the lower end graphics cards.
  13. liteon usually makes dvd drives and stuff of that sort not PSU's if the psu you have is indeed only 250watts you are going to need to upgrade that to support a 7850.
  14. Right I thought so thanks. I'm on a really tight budget, any recommendations for one? A freind suggested this
  15. I'm not familiar with that brand. I don't trust them because of that. Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, and even Rosewill are good brands (especially Seasonic and XFX). There are also a few others that I'm forgetting, but these are the main brands IMO.

    RAIDMax, DiabloTek, and several others are best avoided.

    Does anyone here have experience with that brand?
  16. never heard of it either and I have been doing this for a while lol so I am guessing you should stay away from it. but what blazorthon has said is good advice. PCP&C makes great power supplies too...side note: has anyone seen their latest 1200watt psu? 80 plus platinum rating, 100amp rail, fan shuts off until you reach about 600watt load, and a 7 year warranty... oh and its modular too
  17. What kind of watt PSU should I go for? Cant really spend more than £25 on one, and on scan at-least I can't see any of the reccomended ones that low.
  18. A 400 is the absolute minimum that I'd recommend with the 7850, although you might getaway with a 380w. I'd prefer having a 430w-450w just to be safe.

    Also, preferably of the good brands that I've mentioned and I'll include PC Power And Cooling (PCP&C) in that recommendation.
  19. I need a better cooler too?
  20. Are you referring to the CPU cooler? If so, then no. Even the stock cooler is fine for that CPU, albeit not the best.
  21. So I'm good for cooling, I know you suggested particular brands of PSU's but the card itself was already pushing the budget, do you know of any decent 450w ones around the £20 mark?

    Any of these worth looking at? Don't really know what makes a PSU good or bad.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm throwing your advice away or something but £30 for one isn't really feasible for me at the minute.
  22. The lowest I'd recommend:

    If you cannot afford it, don't buy HD 7850 yet. Unless you want it to malfunction very soon. Save money until you can afford the power supply unit. Check this article:,2862.html
  23. I get it, shell out or have my PC explode a year down the line :(

    Well I suppose I'll have to go with something like that then, thanks. Do I have to worry about any compatibility issues with any PSU's or will they just work?
  24. I missed it I guess! It's a decent unit as well! It's as good as Corsair one. And yes, it will be compatible.
  25. Big thanks to everyone who helped, looks like I'll be getting those.
  26. Glad to help and yes, that PSU should work out well.
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