$600 General Build for a friend.

Well, I have a friend who asked me to build him a new computer (His is an ancient AMD Athlon 64) and I recently built my own with an AMD a10 5800k so I said i would. He can't spend any more that $600 and needs a monitor. He also highly prefers to have an AMD processor. He has used them almost every time and when he used Intel he ran into problems. It will be used for some mild gaming, web surfing, also a slight bit of video editing and recording for Youtube. He doesn't plan to buy a new PC for 4 or 5 years so it will have to last awhile. So, I got on pcpartpicker and slapped together this build from my general knowledge and it looks okay to me, but I want to be sure it will fit his needs well.


Any suggestions. Change things? Please note that his budget is exactly 600$ none more.

Thanks in adavance
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  1. I think you could go with a A10-5800k now and add a better card later.
  2. I was thinking the same but that FX-6100 is pretty mouthwatering. How does the Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 1GB Video Card compare to A10 IGP Raedon HD 7660D graphics?
  3. I think a Phenom II 965 with a 6670 gddr5 (the one you selected is ddr3) will perform better than a A10-5800k when talking about gaming, no idea about video editing and i think he may be able to upgrade his cpu in some years not sure about upcoming CPUs to FM2 mbs.
  4. Here I changed it up a bit:


    Didn't realize that video card was DDR3 my bad, changed it to a more expensive GDDR5 and dropped the 1080p monitor. He says he doesn't necessarily need 1080p so it is now 1600 x 90
  5. I think a Phenom II 965 will give him better gaming performance, look at this benchmarks (the skyrim and Wow), in Skyrim the phenom outperforms a 8150 and in wow the 8150 outperforms the phenom i guess they might have similar gaming performance.


    And this thread

  6. What do you think about this?, i changed your build a bit
  7. Hmmm yes that looks quite nice. I heard that the FX-6100 didn't live up to its expected quality. I'll call him and ask him what he thinks. I just wish monitors were cheaper ;_;. Could make this build a lot better. How would this current build live up to an A10-5800k crossfired with that 6670 graphics card?
  8. Look this benchmarks

    The "(dual graphics)" solution is the 7660D+6670 CF, you can check that in the first page, i think the performance gain might not be that great, and i think your friend might have the problems of CF/SLI, like microstutering.
  9. Yeah from that seem like it's not worth it. Well, I personally would use this build but I have to make sure with him 1st so I'll get back on this tomorrow.
  10. Okay so I talked to him today and he said he'd done some research of his own and found the Phenom II X6 1045T and asked if it'd be more "future proof" than the Phenom II X4 965 considering he the PC won't be upgraded for 4 or 5 years.
  11. Idk exactly but i've heard that most game dont use more than 2 cores well so i think that the 965 is a better gaming cpu bcause of the higher ghz, if he wants to expand his budget then i think he can buy a fx-4300 (is the new version of the 4100) or put the money in a better card. Look at this benchmarks, the last ones are some games benchmarks.



    For 10$ more he can get a fx-6300 but i guess that a 4300 is a good cpu.
    He can also buy a i3 he change his mind about the cpu.

  12. Would it ultimately just be better to wait for new Steamroller architecture?
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