MSI 660ti and asus board issue

EDIT: problem solved!

I am going to post this in motherboards and graphics cards just because of the dual problem:
Asus P8z77-v
Corsair vengeance 16gb 1600 MHz(approved for board)
Samsung 830 256gb
HGST 7K3000 2TB
Corsair 850AX Gold professional series modular PSU

First please read through everything I have done:
Upon building the system, I had hdmi cable plugged into the GPU. The GPU is an MSI gtx 660Ti 2GD5/OC. I couldn't get a picture so I switched it to the motherboard hdmi out, and everything worked fine. Upon visiting device manager, I saw that the only display device(or whatever its called the section that lists gpus) only listed the Intel HD4000. So I then rebooted into BIOS and went into advanced bios, advanced tab, system agent configuration, and then NB ----- menu, which lists the PCIE slots. The reading, on some boots, would be x0, on others it would be Not Detected. I then cleared CMOS, reseated the ram, the GPU( more times than I can count). There was no change. I tried the card in the other slots. Next tried to.install drivers anyway, but it couldn't detect a card. I have a modular PSU, and was only using one PCI power line so I switched to the other empty line. It did not work either, so I then swapped pcie power cables. That didn't work either. I called MSI and the tech said that yes, I had done all possible troubleshooting and the card may be bad. I overnighted a new replacement from Amazon. With the new card, there was no change. I now focused on the motherboard. I called Asus tech support who also confirmed I had done all troubleshooting but suggested I do an outside the case build on cardboard. So I did. No change to the problem. I then overnighted a replacement motherboard(amazon must love me now with these returns). I rebuild the system with the New motherboard and New card, and still have the issue I started with: sometime UEFI says the card is x0, sometimes it isn't detected( and of course its not detected in windows also, although that the last goal with the motherboard not reading it)

Can I get ANY resolution of this? I called ASUS tech support again and they suggested a third board. This is getting absurd. I am also seeking advice on other boards any no one seems to know.

I would like to find someone I know and swap cards, that way I will know for sure. But unfortunately that is not an option for the time being.
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  1. have you tried updating the mobo BIOS?
  2. i think there might be something wrong with the board. if you can try using board other than asus one.
  3. Two boards? What is crazy is someone on this forum had a.thread with a self review on the card and motherboard combo.

    The card comes with two adapters for two Molex into PCIe, so two Molex powers each PCIe plug. I tries it out, running each plug on a different "power line" module on the PSU. That didn't help either, so I just removed the PCIe power plugs from the card and the BIOS had its speed stayed at x0. Could it be that two PCIe and two Molex powers line on my modular PSU are bad? Seems like a big streach for ANY brand of modular to have 4 bad modules, much less corsair. Which leads me to another problem: everyone I personally know locally has.old PCs that couldn't run my card. SoL. There are a few mom and pop pc shops in town, a "computer geek repair" place, and geek squad, how much will I get hit for them testing the parts?. I could go to a best buy and just buy a new PSU, but they don't carry anything in stock I would want long term if mine IS bad.
  4. I went ahead and stopped by Best Buy and grabbed a Thermaltake Smart M 850 PSU. $50 cheaper street price than my Corsair AX850 pro series, and obviously better built since everything is in.great order. Ran Metro 2033 maxed out in DX11 at 1080 and it ran great.

    I put a lot of Corsair components in my system, how the heck did a pay with FOUR BAD lines make it past quality control. The thermaltake is staying put, its earned it.
  5. so everything is ok then?
  6. Now, yes. Thankfully. Thanks for the help
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