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Im looking at building a computer(obviously). Originally i had thought i wanted a laptop, but i really just cant bring myself to spend the extra money on a computer that isn't near as good. This is going to be an Audio and maybe some Video PC. Like recording studio type thing. And because i cant afford it at the moment, im not going to buy a video card until i get the money in a month or 2. I have a 2400 ill throw in it till then. And i dont plan on overclocking(which is good, because i cant) But Anyways, heres the build.

ASRock H77 Pro-4M

Intel i5 3550

RipJaws X DDR3 1600 2x4GB

Power Supply:
Corsair Builders CX600

Hard Drive:

I need a rack mountable case.

So, this is about all the money i can spend. I have a copy of Windows and a Disk Drive to use to install everything. Im thinking when i do put a GPU in it, im thinking a 6850 or 6870. Which would probably be completely overkill, beings i play the Sims and Minecraft when i actually play games. Anyways, how does it look?

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  1. I found this website.

    I'd recommend this build. Since you already have a HDD, I'd maybe grab a 8350, they are the best AMD CPU's on the market right now.
  2. AMD over Intel?? Im open to ideas, this is just the first ive heard of AMD over Intel for as long as i can remember.
  3. Suggest OCZ Vertex4, Samsung 830, or Crucial M4, better for SSD
    The i5-3470 is usually reasonably cheaper than i5-3550, and only marginally lower performance, better value.
    When it comes to GPU, HD7850 better than HD6870, and lower power cons./less heat.
  4. When you do get a GPU, always get the latest version. I know you won't be doing much heavy-duty gaming, but getting the latest and greatest line of PC part pays off later, since you may change your mind later. So right now, I'd recommend getting the HD 7770. It plays less demanding games like a champ

    And also could you restate what your budget is? And where you are from? Because $2400 in USD will buy you some overkill, super deluxe PC.

  5. My Budget is about $600 Minus a Graphics Card, Disk Drive, Second Hard Drive, all that stuff. I was thinking $175-$200 for a GPU and ive got a 2TB drive laying around for all the goodies.

    Cheaper processor sounds good. Ill look at the SSD real quick.

    7770's seem awfully cheap. Will i miss the 256-Bit?
  6. For a budget build, yes. But if you will be having a PC that isn't on a tight budget, Intel is the way to go.
  7. So are the AMDs doing better on applications that arnt Multi-Threaded, becuase i have no use for 8 Cores, besides bragging right.

    This maybe a stupid question, but can you assign different applications to different cores?
  8. I don't believe so. I've never heard of being able to assign different cores to different things.

    Now don't get me wrong here. Intel is better than AMD. But for lower-end gaming, AMD has great Price/Performance ratio. So if don't mind spending more to get an Intel CPU, the performance probably won't justify the price for what you are trying to do. But really, unless you are doing lots of CPU heavy tasks (heavy photo editing/ CPU heavy games) It really doesn't matter what you get.
  9. Ive been looking at MicroCenter, and i can build a system with a 3570K and a nicer Motherboard for cheaper. Any horror storys about them, or does that seem like a good idea. Because i know the 3570k blows AMD out of the water, at least right now.
  10. Core for core Intel is much better. AMD, because of MORE cores for the price, gains in multi-threaded applications, but for most GAMING, Intel wins hands down. There a few gaming applications, like, I believe, multi-player, in BF3, where AMD does well, but not generally.
  11. Im going to stick with the Intel. Studio One isnt optimized for more then 4 Cores, and i think i can buy a 3570k at Microcenter very Reasonably. Heres what ive Changed the build to.

    i5 3570k
    ASRock z77 Pro4(im getting an overclockable cpu, outta get a compatible board)
    Ripjaws X 1600mhz ram, 2x4GB
    OCz Vertex 4 128GB
    Corsair Builders 600w PSU

    2TB 7200RPM Drive i have
    Either a 7770 or a 7850 Down the road.

    Look good?
  12. The ASRock pro4 isn't that good, get Extreme3, or Extreme4, with unlocked processor. You will need a cooler, to overclock. Suggest CoolerMaster Hyper 212Evo. You should get low profile RAM, to avoid possible clash, with it. Suggest Corsair CML, GSKill Ares, or Crucial Ballistix Sport.
    You are not going to need more than 500w. Suggest 550w XFX, or Rosewill Hive (modular), to be on safe side, actually, probably better than Corsair Builder.
  13. If i cant afford the extra 30 bucks for the extreme, is it really worth it? I dont see much different when i look at the specs. And if i decide im going to overclock it, ill buy a cooler. But for now, i dont want to be even temped to do it.

    Is there a difference between the Ares and the Sniper, because im partial to black.

    And the Corsair had a $20.00 rebate, so if thats still going on im going to stick with that. Becuase un-modular doesnt bother me, and its cheaper.
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    The Pro 4 doesn't overclock particularly well, and doesn't have optimum support for crossfire, but it's not a complete dud. However I doubt you are getting a great benefit with i5-3570K and Z77 Pro4, in practice, over i5-3470 and a H77 mobo, and you've still got to add a cooler, to get that.
    Stick with the Corsair PSU, if you wish, but personally, I think the XFX is a better PSU. There have been "issues" with Corsair's V2s. Not up to their usual standard.
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  16. Well in that case, i might as well save the money. Im not so sure this isnt going to be completely overkill for what i do with it anyways. So ill save the money. And dumb down the PSU a little. Thanks for the help, i really appreciate it.
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