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I have a 9600gt 1GB that I have been running for a year. This card works okay but I'm looking to upgrade to a Directx11 card. I'm kind of torn between the 7770 and the GTX 560. I know the 7770 uses less power and the downside is that it is 128bit. I was looking at the EVGA GTX 560 SC but I don't know if it is worth $129 AR. Should I wait until both these cards drop in the coming months? My price range is around $120. Also, my power supply is an XFX Core V2 450W.
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  1. the gtx 560 is def the better card of the two..if you can find a gtx 560 for around $130 thats not a bad deal they seem to be going for $150 or so AR
  2. +1 gtx 560
  3. The 560 is faster, but it is also more expensive.
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    The 560 is a faster card than the 7770, but not by too much. They both overclock very well too. A decent 7770 can go well beyond a stock 560 and maybe even almost as far as an overclocked 560 (128 bit bus versus similar 192 bit is not a big difference at this performance level, although the 192 bit bus is undeniably a decent advantage), but it probably won't catch up to an overclocked 560 in performance, although it will have a huge win in power efficiency.
  5. For the 7770, I was looking at the Sapphire Vapor-X but the price is kind of high at the moment. I guess from everyone else's replies I will wait for the 560 to get down to my price range. Thanks.
  6. if you can get a gtx 560 for $129 AR thats not a bad deal I would hop on that
  7. drums101 said:
    if you can get a gtx 560 for $129 AR thats not a bad deal I would hop on that
    +1 :)
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