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Hey guys , just wondering. I'll be getting a 560ti in the next week or so and am currently using my i5's integrated graphics for the time being. I was wondering if i need to uninstall the driver and disable the integrated graphics before installing my new graphics card. If so , would the correct process be to install new graphics card -->boot to windows-->download and install new driver-->uninstall integrated graphics driver and disable it?

Thanks guys
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  1. the process to get the new card in there is....boot up the pc---->download drivers for 560ti---->reboot pc---->boot into BIOS--->change primary graphics adapter to PCIE or PEG (same thing diff name for different boards)---->turn computer off--->install new 560--->boot into windows---->install 560 drivers you downloaded previously--->thats it! restart system when prompted and you should be good to go. any questions let me know (I stole your formatting lol)
  2. i have a question. when i do that and plug my vga cable to my new pcie gpu it hangs on starting windows. what should i do ?
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