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I just bought a Plextor 24x10x40 writer, as my yamaha 16x writer died at the weekend.

I've fitted the writer, but it won't write at anywhere near 24x.

If i set it to burn at 16x it writes the leadin track and just hangs. I've tried CDRWIN & clonecd, clonecd displays the buffer status, and that stays at 100%, but it won't write.

I slowed the burn down to 10x, burning mp3 -> cd and on play back, its just hiss. It took 20 min @ 10x, which is wrong too :(

There was an article on this site about 24x writers, how do u get it to write at 24x ?

System spec :

Win98SE (yeah i know but its only for games)
Asus A7V133 Mobo
Amd TBird 1.1Ghz
512Mb Ram
Creative SB Platinum Sound Card
Hercules Prophet II Mx Grafix Card
1 x 30Gb Hdd
1 x 60Gb Hdd
Panasonic DVD Reader
Plextor 2410 Cd Rewriter

Any suggestions appreciated.
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  1. get an aspi layer from daemon-tools.com and make sure you use good 24x media or it will not burn at 24x. also update the firmware for the 24x plex to 1.02
  2. "yamaha 16x writer died at the weekend"


    Dude, that burner can't be over a year old. Shouldn't you have a warantee or something?

    I never run the Plex setup stuff, myself. That's like asking the devil to cure your lung cancer, or calling msft support and asking why this Whistler is giving you so much trouble. I just point Win at the drivers, even if I have to manually extract them from a .cab file, or run the setup program, and alt-tab to the temp folder and copy them to a different one.

    Those fargin bastages are always trying to hide stuff on you, or put a copy of *their* aspi32.dll somewhere...

    Rich is the nation that has many war heroes. Long since forgotten...
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