Setting up a second network for guests

Hello all,

I work in a small company and we would like to set a second network for our guests using a trendnet wifi AP

The main idea is to prevent the guests from accessing our own network and our shares which are unprotected.

Since we have only 1 internet gateway I was wondering if I could use my standard Trendnet AP to receive the internet on the gateway IP and then to rebroadcast it on another subnet

Our gateway is at, our computers are all fixed ip between 0.2 and 0.19 and the trendnet is at 0.20

I know VERY LITTLE on routing and things like thet (I stop at port forwarding...) and I need some help to set up the trendnet so that it gives DHCP on to 1.20 and uses our gateway at 0.1

Thanks for the help
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  1. if it a real AP, then there is no way for it to work since it is made to work on the same IP scheme then the Gateway.

    you need another router like a Linksys since it is configured to work on

    just connect it's WAN port to your LAN and it will provide a separate network

    provide a static IP to the new router like and assign that IP to the DMZ of the main router
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