Will it be a good idea to pair up core 2 duo with gtx 550ti?

will it be a good idea to pair up core 2 duo with gtx 550ti?and what will be my windows experience index for gaming and aero graphic be?will i get the score to the high 7 and half?
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  1. Yup it'll work. My old PC runs on that spec.

    Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33Ghz
    Intel DG33FB Classic
    8GB (2GBx4) RAM

    Everything runs well. Almost every game runs on high (Not ultra/max)

    Total System Rating - 5.8
    Graphic Rating - 7.3
    Gaming Graphic Rating - 7.3
  2. No one really cares about the Windows Experience Index. It doesn't grade well. Use a benchmarking software like 3DMark 11 to judge computer performance.

    What is the power supply? It should be fine with the Core2Duo, but most likely not with your power supply.
  3. Oh and mine runs on 700w PSU.
  4. mine processor is core 2 duo e4500 @ 2.2 ghz,4gb ram,msi g41m-p28 mothrboard,450watt atx psu.....just cant figure out will it work well with my specs or not??
  5. can i get 1 more powerful enough card in the same range of gtx 550ti?or will gtx 55oti be just as good as any?
  6. 1 would want to know how many frames per second will i get on fifa 12 on my current config i.e,gtx 550ti,core2 duo,4gb ram?will i be able to play fifa 13 on high setting?also how many fps will i get with bf3?
  7. That's a pretty slow Core2Duo. And what power supply are you running?
  8. atx g-tech 450 watt psu.............however,it might be old but i m using this psu since the last 4 years
  9. I wouldn't exactly endorse using that card with that power supply.
  10. anyway i will get a better psu with enough watts......can i play fifa 13 on high settings?????
  11. Its not really the watts that counts, its the quality. If you had a good 450W PSU, you would be able to run a 550Ti no problem.

    Good brands are Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, and PC Power & Cooling.

    That being said, I would recommend the 7770 over the 550Ti. The 550Ti is quite old, uses alot of power, and the 7770 is just flat out faster.
  12. Its the benchmarks that matter, and the 7770 is just flat out faster.
  13. but 550ti has more bandwidth,192 bit in comparison to 7770......is it just the gpu clock dat matters while gaming???
  14. how do i know the benchmark of a particular graphic card?well,obviously i cant get to know the pros and cons of a card until i get in my own garage....bt still how do i figure it out????
  15. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/536?vs=541

    On a benchmarking website. The GTX550Ti for the price honestly sucks. Uses more power and performs less.
  16. so what choices have i got???can u give me few choices among gfx card in same range as 550ti?
  17. Mainly the 7770. The 6850 is better, but more expensive. You need a better power supply for sure though.
  18. ok i will get a 7770 hd but will i be able to run that card with the same psu?
  19. That I dont know. I would personally get a new one to be safe. Unless it has good 12V amperage.
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