2 more monitors for surround

Hi all,
i currently have a philips 244e monitor
5ms response, 16:9, 1920x1080, 23.6inch.
i want to set up nvidia surround and was wondering what other 2 monitors i should get for the sides because the philips is discontinued.
im willing to spend upto about 300NZd (240ish usd) on each and want to try use New Zealand shops
So what monitors would you recommend
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  1. what you are going to find is that no matter which monitors you get they are going to have to be fine tuned to match the color and warmth of your original monitor.

    as far as which monitor to get, as long as they have the same specs roughly then you wont really be able to tell the difference.

    I had this problem with my surround setup, a lot of people mix and match monitors
  2. I just bought three Dell U2312HM monitors and have been
    playing BF3 and I could not be more happy.
    As yours is 23 1/2, the size wont match up.
    for 249 each on amazon you can get the
    23 1/2" Acer GD235HZ and that is 120 hz
    ( I own one ) and its a great monitor as well.
    I could never go back to single monitor game play now !
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