Upgrade for Darkfall 2.0 gaming rig

With DF 2.0 near I was looking to upgrade what ive got so this time around i may be able to function during sieges a little better. Was wondering what the best bang for my $ would be on about a 300$ budget to upgrade this computer. I can spend another 200 or so in about 6months if need be. I am mainly considering mobo an CPU due to the fact I had heard several times DF is more CPU demanding them most games rather then GPU but that may just be garbage information. Here is my current set up.

AMD Phenom II x4 955
ATI HD Radeon 5850 1gb gddr5 Core Clock in MHz 850 MHz Memory Clock in MHz 1200 MHz
MoBo Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H http://www.gigabyte.com/products/p [...] id=3143#ov
8 gigs of ram
64-bit operating syst

I was wondering if there are even any upgrades worth spending on at this time in that budget range. I havent touched this computer in about 2 years now.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Also I am not opposed to trying Intel if needed.

I have looked at these cards - AMD 7870, AMD 7950, and the 660 Ti. All seem like good buys if i was to just upgrade the GPU for now and others later. I am not sure which is my weak link atm tho.
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  1. I would say the graphics card is the weakest link. Although old, the quad core Phenom II's are still enough for gaming.

    What is your PSU? That also might need upgrading or replacing to hold the new card (and to facilitate future upgrades).
  2. Oh sorry i forgot to mentaion the PSU. It is a 750w. Forgot what brand tho.
  3. Also why do i not see the xfx cards being in the toms hardware reviews? are they garbage?
  4. Anymore info on the PSU? The brand is important as if its a generic I would replace it on general principle (and before it inevitably blows).

    Not entirely sure. XFX cards are decent, but not great. The likes of ASUS, MSI, Sapphire, Gigabyte and to a lesser extent Zotac just offer a better product at the same price. So XFX cards are not that commonly recommended.
  5. XFX does offer double-lifetime warranty though. Lifetime for you, and lifetime for a second owner
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