System wont read Graphics card help!!!!!!

Ok, so something happened with my Pc. It had a virus and I couldn't sign in my PC. So I had to reformat the Computer so that everything is gone and that the virus is gone. So it was. It took all my data away. Anyways, when I tried to play games after I have re-installed them they wouldn't work because it says graphics error :o

So I went and typed dxdiag to see and on display my graphics card details is gone. It said n/a on everything.
How do I get my Pc to read my graphics card when I reformatted the computer???

Here is the link for the Image if you dont understand me:

P.S My Graphics Card was from the ASUS EAH series but I forgot the number

Somebody plz halp mah!!!!!
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  1. you need to download the graphics drivers for your graphics card by the sound of it.
    Download this:
    And it will detect what driver you need.
  2. I downloaded it, tried to open it and it exited randomly, I tried a few times but its not working...
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