Preventing Installs from accessing (startmenu, desktop, msconfig, etc)


I have a few installations that I am trying to keep at bay. Things like adobe, itunes, quicktime etc etc.

These programs have updaters that constantly reinstall themselves and programs. I usually prevent these things from booting in my startup folders, msconfig and the task scheduler. The problem is that when these updaters update programs they reset themselves to start in msconfig etc.

Which is ridiculous. I don't ever wan't or need itunes helper. I shouldn't have to constantly disable it as a startup item.


Also, I wan't to prevent programs from ever installing desktop shortcuts or items in my startup folder unless they explicitly ask me. Is there any way to do this?

I feel like my computer is constantly being attacked at these location and I need a way to control them:

-Startup folders
-Task Scheduler
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  1. I have never seen a program that doesn't ask about shortcuts when you do a custom install. dont do automatic installs. updaters shouldn't enable startup. why haven't you disabled the updaters? or.just uninstall the crapware? err... itunes
  2. Err cuz I need the crapware.

    I need java updates. I need chrome updates. I need iTunes for my iphone. etc the list goes on.

    Updaters often completely re install a new version of the programs and re-enable startup. Most programs do ask about the desktop but none ask about the start menu.

    My start menu has structure. These programs just plop themselves down constantly when they reinstall and I keep having to shove them back into the proper place.

    What a joke.
  3. Hi :)

    Take the ticks off in MSCONFIG...

    All the best Brett :)
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