Connecting laptop to tv??

(I hope I'm in the right place...)
Hi all, I have a 15,6" 1366x786 laptop with a Intel i5-2450M 2.5GHz, GT630M 2GB and 4GB ram that supports HDMI and VGA.

Besides all the usual stuff I also like playing some games on it like for instance Diablo 3 which I currently run on highest settings with an avg. fps of about 55. As I need a new tv I was thinking it would be nice to connect it to said new tv as a bigger screen. Idealy I'd like to run it 1920x1080 on like 22" (or a bit bigger haven't really decided yet).

So what I'd like to ask is:
1. What kind of performance decrease can one expect from using a bigger screen with a bigger resolution?

2. Should I connect with HDMI or VGA? What will the difference be?

3. Will running both a computer and a Xbox360 on the same tv caue any difficulties?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. bigger screen doesnt cause any performance decrease in any large scale changes(as bigger means it takes the small image that the computer makes and streches it. think of it like loading a youtube video, if you stretch the video to fullscreen, it still loads the same as its just the same file with the pixels enlarged.) changing the resolution though is going to lower performance. running a console and computer on a tv is fine. I kinda have the reverse setup in my case where I run a console and a PC on a PC monitor(through a VGA box) as I dont have a TV in my room.
  2. I see. So I should expect some performance decrease. How bad will it be?

    And how should I connect? HDMI or VGA, why? What will the difference be?
  3. You will experience around 50% drop in frames per second (as 1920x1080 is twice as large as your resolution), and the display quality will improve by 100%. You will be able to reduce settings to compensate.
  4. If you go HDMI, you have to change sound out to HDMI this way you get both audio and video through one cable and will have a much clearer image and can play in 1080p, VGA would be a simple setup with more resolution choices but not as clear and you would need a 1/8 to 1/8 audio cable to go from headphones out to the audio in next to the VGA connector on the TV if you want audio, I would recommend the HDMI as less cables are required and better quality images
  5. If I woud use VGA wouldn't I then just have the sound through my jack to my speakers? And wih HDMI the sound would come through the tv as well, right?

    I just did a little experiment with my brother as he actually has an extra tv 1920x1080 resolution and a laptop with sam resolution as mine. It appeared that he couldn't run 1920x1080 on the tv with the HDMI due to the resolution difference between the screen and the computer. He could, however, with the VGA. How can this be? o.O
  6. You need to right click on the desktop, go to resolution settings, and select "extend" mode instead of "duplicate". That way each screen can have its own resolution.
  7. Ok, so what you are saying is that it should be completely possible to run the tv on 1920x1080 using HDMI even though the laptop screen is normally only 1366x768? ;)

    The reason I ask so thoroughly is because when I try it with my brothers pc and tv the screen flickers and shimmers, but perhaps something is wrong with the cable?
  8. Yes I do. If it flickers, make sure to set correct refresh rate for the TV.
  9. And hos do I set tre correct refresh rate? :D
  10. How* the*

    If you write from your phone using Danish auto correct, you are gonna have a bad time...

    Sorry for major typing mistakes. For some reason I am not allowed to edit my own message. :/
  11. Look at TV spec sheet for the refresh rate, then set it in that in nvidia control panel.
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