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Hey hows it going all, thanks in advance to any replies, I appreciate it, but yea...

So I have a wireless adapter in my desktop that connects by default on start up. I moved my PC somewhere I can run a cable from the router directly. Now my question is how do I make the Ethernet connection the default /start up connection, besides just taking the wireless adapter out of the pc.
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  1. By connecting the ethernet cable, Win 7 will use it as the priority connection. Win 7 will use the "fastest" connection when it has more than one connection. You really don't need to do anything, but you could always disable the wireless adapter in Device Manager and that would do the trick.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks ColGeek, I have it the Ethernet plugged in but no luck on Win7 choosing it by default on boot. But disabling the adapter obviously worked.
  3. Win 7 has an algorithm to use the best quality connection. Even if the wired connection is in use, you will still see the wireless connection as well.
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