GPU Crashing, possible 3D Rendering/DirectX

My computer has been crashing out in games recently, notably Starcraft 2, and to an extent, League of Legends. In SC2, previously it would run well for maybe an hour or two, or just 15 minutes, but recently once I log into my account the game crashes. If I'm lucky I can linger around the main menus for a while before the game crashes out. In League of Legends, it doesn't crash out instantly in game but it will in the middle of a game.

What's interesting, however, is that the computer doesn't crash in FurMark, but it does in 3DMark06. I've got through 2 complete 15 minute burn in tests on FurMark, but it can't complete the 3DMark06 test. Every time it crashes out on the 3rd GPU test. I'm pretty stuck here, I know its a GPU problem but I just don't know what. dxdiag doesn't give me anything useful. But something in games+3DMark crashes out my computer while FurMark does not.

Computer Specs:
- HD6850
- i3 2100
- 4GB Corsair Vengeance
- Gigabyte P61-USB3-B3

Any Help?
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  1. I'm starting to see a lot of graphics problems where people point to League of Legends... starting to think it may be the problem.
    Not really. Just a coincidence.

    I had a similar problem with a GTX 670... faulty video RAM was the culprit for me. As the card got hotter and started accessing higher amounts of VRAM, it would spontaneously dump VRAM and sometimes cause strange crashes. Try running 'Video memory stress test' (yes, that's the name of the program). I run it from Hiren's boot disk, but it's available standalone.

    Then the standard: update drivers, check firmware, check temps, turn down any overclocking, etc.
  2. @tivatar
    I will definitely try that.

    As for the LoL thing, yeah its just a coincidence. I logged onto it and starting playing to see if I could narrow it down to a SC2 problem. On FurMark my GPU ran up to something like 90C (toasty, i know), without crashing.

    I'll report back after the VRAM test.
  3. Video RAM test did not come up with any errors... although it said that 2 of my RGB modes were missing... :/
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