No video/audio from ATI HD4850 to Denon AVR-2113 through DVI/HDMI

I've just bought a new Denon receiver (AVR-2113), and everything connects perfectry (Blu-ray, cable, TV), except my computer (from my ATI HD4850 DVI - with a HDMI converter from ATI and a HDMI cable). No matter what entry point I'm using, I only get black screen and no sound.

If I try to connect the HDMI cable directly to my TV, everything works fine, but off course - only with sound from the TV.
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  1. I doubt the problem is the receiver, because it should work "out-of-the-box". If I swap the HDMI cable with a working unit, I get black screen and no audio - swap back and the units picture+sound is back. If I swap with the TV's input I get the PC screen and sound.
  2. Hmmm.. Somehow it works when I use the front-in HDMI (AUX), but that is in my eyes NOT a permanent solution. Anybody know why this is, and how I can get around it?
  3. Well - after several attempts, I have found a solution by plugging into Game in the back and selecting Media server on the receiver - and changing video output to Game.
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