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My system specs are Athlon 1.2GHz 200MHz FSB Socket A Athlon, 384MB RAM, two Maxtor 5400RPM 20.4GB HD's, a 52X CD-ROM, a 24x10x40x CD-RW, two rear case fans, one front case fan,3.5" floppy drive, Geforce 2 MX 32MB, and a Zerus Twin Turbo 5.25" bay fan. Now to my problem. I've been watching ITE Smart Guardian and the 12V- drops down to 11.30V allot. The 12V+ drops down to 10.50v too, but less frequent than the 12V-. When I use SIV(from Gigabyte) on my Ath 800 the voltages are stable as could be and rarely jump up or down like the 12V- and 12V+ of my Ath 1.2GHz. Well, this morning and almost every morning I noticed my system locked up on me when it almost got to the desktop screen, but it was a black screen and a frozen mouse pointer. I hit Reset and it came up fine...... except the screen res was 640x480 and 16colors, when I set them back up to 1024x768 and 32bit color the computer froze again. Those are my indications of my bad PS. Will a new Enermax 350W Dual Fan Power supply stop the lock ups at boot and freeze ups in windows(i've reformatted 3 times) and keep the voltages stable?
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  1. Sorry I don't have an exact answer for you but I am having very similar problems, lockups, frozen pointer, etc... From everything I have read it does prove to the ps so I was going to do the exact same thing Enermax EG365P-VE. Good luck

    Just think when the price comes down and all the bugs are worked out it will be obsolete!
  2. How about emailing me when you get your Enermax PS installed? my email address is Tcurry@triad.rr.com.
  3. My bad here if I'm just being a gomer, but what's your current power supply wattage? I'm not sure if you're buying another e350 to replace your current e350, or what.

    With all that junk in there, a 350 is pushing it. Even one of the oustanding e350's. An e350 bumps up your 3.3/5 just a tiny little bit (two amps, tops), but the big difference between a 300 and a 350 is the 12 rail. It's responsible for the 50w increase. Now, between a 300 and a 400, the 3.3/5 is bumped up considerably. And with tbird about 1g, you kneed some major 3.3/5.

    That little white arrow is due to mem bleed through, and with both my old GF2 Pro, it was caused by drivers. If you're screen is going blank, then you're under powered on the gfx card.

    Check your 5 rail in the bios, and if it's hovering right around 4.90, you're on the edge of power load. If it's 4.89 or blow (not below), you're sucking.

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  4. I'm glad you answered my post. I saw your other replies about power related issues and I can tel you know what you are talking about =). My previous PS was a Deer 300Watt. I've already order the Enermax 350w PS and I don't have that much money to spend on a 400w+ PS =( I'm supposed to be getting a SCSI card for a RAID storage server in my basement which is like $57....anyways, If I can remember correctly, I think the 5V+ was below 4.90V. I would check but it takes a long dang time to get my PC booted up because of the problems my video card gives me at bootup. When I was saying that I got a frozen Busy arrow almost to where the desktop comes up but with a black screen, that was on my Savage 4. It doesn't do that with my Geforce 2 MX 32mb. With the GF2 MX i'll get a little red box and a yellow blinking cursor in the middle of that box if i'm letting the computer boot up first thing in the morning. I think I might be overloading that PS. I looked on the Deer PS when I pulled it out of my system and no where on the label does it say that it's a 300w PS. The model says DR-300ATX and on the voltage guide it says Combined PowerT: 160W. I have no idea what that means. But the system I'm using now (Athlon 800MHz) has a Deer DR-A300ATX PS in it and it works just fine with no drops in voltages. Please don't tell me I spent my little bit o' money on a PS that will make no difference =(
  5. Voltage reading on my asus iPanel for the +5 is 4.86 guess that answers that question!!! TNC where did you order your enermax from and how much did you get it for? The best price I have found yet is $49.00 but shipping is $12.00.

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  6. The combined power rating is for the 3.3/5v rails. They both run off the same transformer, so it tells you the limit of that transformer. The 12v rail runs off it's own transformer, so every psu has two trans. inside. The majority of 'decent' 300w psu's will put out 180w combined, with the enermax and sparkle lines putting out right at 200w. When you're budgeting power on a system, the best thing you can do is add up amperages, and see if you're still under budget for your psu.

    It's possible to get a 400w psu (that's decent) for just below $50 inc. s/h. I picked up a 500w psu for $74 inc. s/h, and it's good to go. If you're worried about it being quiet, you can modify it very quickly with a dremel, or swap out a fan, or add another fan.

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  7. I got my 350w for $47 and like $12 shipping. www.componentauthority.com.
  8. Thanks....I don't have much money though. I'm only 17 with no job =) or I would get a 400w+ PS. Do you think the 350w Enermax will work good when I get it? Will it keep those voltages pretty stable? I'm also not worried about sound. As long as it keeps it cool I don't care about sound. Besides, I've got a Dragon Orb 3 7000RPM CPU fan and it's loud! Man I hope it works, cause I've got a GF3 Ti 200 coming and I WANT(need) to try it out =P. And i'm going to be adding two 60GB Maxtor's to my onboard IDE RAID controller this Christmas. Dang.....now I'm starting to think I really need a 400w+ PS heh.....Just tell me my 350W will work good and I didn't waste my money....plz plz plz :-P Thanks,

  9. Hey EJsmith2, would you mind giving me your ICQ, MSN Messenger or AIM name? I need to ask you a few thing about my PS. Or maybe you could provide me with your email address.
  10. hey all.
    i did a PSU review over in the CPU section.
    and found lots of interesting things out.
    PSU's vary ALOT
    even amongst generics u can have good and bad.

    actual unit weight is a good indicator of quality.

    in some cases a 250W enermax can absolutely spank a 300W generic. Therefore the number of watts is pretty meaningless.

    possibly the most important thing is the current supplied for the 5V line.

    how to tell your PSU is CRAP.

    1. random lockups, especially under load (video card sucks up alot of juice)
    2. voltage drops, expecially in the 5v line. (this line supplies the cpu) most noticable when going from idle cpu usage to 100% load.
    3. fan speed drops for the same idle to full load.
    4. excessive PSU heat output (psu is working too hard)

    give me a bell if you want more info.

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