I5 + GTX 660 VS i3 + GTX 660ti VS i3 + HD 7950

So I've hit a dilemma. I have just ordered an i5 3450 and an MSI GTX 660 along with all the other necessary components for my new build (on scan.co.uk), but an idea just occured to me. Would it be better if I got a less powerful processor and a better graphics card? I've thought of two ideas:

i3 3220 and GTX 660ti


i3 3220 and HD 7950

Should I cancel my i5 order and go for one of the slightly cheaper i3 systems with less emphasis on processing power but more on graphics performance? Any quick replies would be much appreciated.

Thanks, David.
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  1. What I would do is keep the i5 and get a 7870.

    But if I had to choose between the two pairs, I'd get the 7950 any day.
    It outperforms the 660 Ti at the same price range.
  2. i5 and 660GTX ofcourse but if you can change the 660GTX to a 7870/7950 would be much better as excella1221 pointed out.
  3. I5 and 3 way sli 650 ;)
  4. ThatMoose said:
    I5 and 3 way sli 650 ;)

    you can't SLI with Gtx 650/650ti's... nvidia gave that up on these cards.
  5. ThatMoose said:
    I5 and 3 way sli 650 ;)
    You can't do that silly rabbit :na:
  6. If i was you i would save a little more money i know you don't want to hear that but i5 and 7950 or 670 is the way to go just my 2 cents.
  7. 650s are for kids >.<
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