Will all these parts fit and work together?

Hi I have never built a computer before and I was just wondering will these parts work and fit together.

Can you tell me how I am able to see if they work as I want to know how in future.

Thanks guys.

GPU: Sapphire radeon HD 7870 2gb OC -http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=MMEM310959-

Mobo: ASROCK Z77 EXTREME4 -http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=MMEQ120310-

CPU- i5 3570 -http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=ECE2465081-

Case: Antec 302 -http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=ECE2359930-

PSU- OCZ 140mm 80 plus PSU (140mm fan-worried about this fitting)

500gb 3.5" HDD from Western Digital -http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=MME1411433-

I have the ram sorted already.

Thanks again guys!
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  1. can we have a link to the psu that works please

    fundamentally thats a decent gaming computer

    You should be fitting a dual channel RAM kit . And rated for 1.5 volts or less
  2. That looks pretty good and should be nice and cheap. The PSU should fit as it is a standard ATX case. You will find most ATX parts are pretty standard and so will fit together fine.
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