Confusion with different models of HIS 7870 IceQ (Did I screw myself?)

So when looking for a card, I settled on the HIS 7870 ICEq, which got great reviews. However, when I received it, I noticed it...didn't actually resemble the card in the reviews. Ends up HIS stealth-replaced it with a card with the same name but a totally different design.

This was the original:

This was what I got:

And when checking it out, I realized that the card I *just* purchased has been discontinued. Now the "old" IceQ is still in the newegg system, but otherwise what's available is a non-IceQ that looks suspiciously like my card:

So what the heck happened? I can't find any news items on this, and it does look rather fishy; I'm wondering why the model was replaced and then discontinued.
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    The original is the IceQ Turbo, the second is the IceQ X, and the third is not an IceQ.

    If you got an X instead of a Turbo and you paid for a Turbo, then I recommend contacting whomever you bought it from and making them aware of the situation.
  2. This is the one you wanted:

    It's currently out of stock tho.
  3. Are the Xs not as good as the Turbos? The Turbo is about $40 cheaper on Newegg, apparently.

    That said, I did pay for an X - I just didn't realize there was more than one model of the IceQ 7870, so it's my bad. I'm sure X will be fine for my purposes :)

    Edit: Ah - I see the turbo is pre-overclocked. That explains that. I'm guessing I can just do that manually, though :)
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  5. The Turbo's cooler looks like it is better, but that's speculation on my part. I'm sure that you'll at least be happy with the card that you have.
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