Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 3x VS. 2x

Which GTX 670 from Gigabyte would be better to buy? The Windforce 3X seems to be vastly more popular whereas the Windforce 2x does not even seem to have a proper review!
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  1. Well it depends on what your meets your needs. The 2x has a shorter PCB so if length is an issue it may be the better choice. It also requires two 6-pin power connectors vs the 3x which requires 6+8.

    In therms of aesthetics I like the 3x a lot more but I would imagine they are very close in terms of performance. Basically I would go for the 3x if it can fit.
  2. Well... you can see which is better from the name. 3 > 2.
  3. I do have enough power (XFX Pro 850W Core Edition) and a large enough case (HAF 922), so I guess I will go for the 3X.
    Just strange no one uses the 2X!
  4. Wtf why no one noticed that 2x100mm is more efficient actualy than 3x75mm fans. Small = Noisier!

    I took the 2x version cause of the bigger fans and that it was much much cheaper during the boxing day too. I saw both in my hands and I didn't like the 3x version with small fans.
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