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Hey guys, I recently got my internet cut off from my place, but my buddy said I can use his net at his house, thing is, I don't want to keep going over there everyday. I keep hearing about these USB wireless adapters that can connect to a Wifi network. I wanna know if they can do that even though I don't have wifi at my place.

P.s. He lives about 2.5 blocks away, probly almost 900 ft I think. Is there a USB wireless adapter that I can use to get his reception? I have his key and everything, just gotta find a good one.
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  1. Very unlikely you'll be able to reach his wireless router from 900 ft. Most consumer routers/adapters have a range of ~200-300 ft (unobstructed), even less w/ obstructions. You need to consider a stronger, more directional antenna. You can buy these commercially, or perhaps build your own (e.g., cantenna). Lots of examples on YouTube.
  2. Any you would recommend?
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