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$1050 build for simcity
This build will be pretty much just for simcity. Hoping I can get some insight to what type of processing power is required for this type of simulation game. Only really care about medium graphic settings, more concerned about lag/stuttering for large cities.
1. Is the CPU perfect, or do I need more power, or can I save a few bucks and downgrade?
2. Can I save a few bucks on the GPU, should I spend more to prevent lag, or should I sit tight?
3. The case doen't have front USB 3.0, can you recommend one in the $60 price range?

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    CPU is as good as it gets.
    I would change the GPU to a 7850 or 7870.
    Rosewill Challenger-U3, Antec Three Hundred Two

    I would also up the HDD to 1TB and get Samsung Spinpoint. Unless you like the Caviar Black's 5-year warranty.
  2. The recommended system requirements are a 2Ghz dual core and the Nvidia 7800GT. You could probably just get the AMD A10-5800K and forget the graphics card. That wouldn't be great for other games but should breeze through Sim City/The Sims and most RTS games. Should even be OK for FPS if you don't mind medium settings.

    Not needing a graphics card means you could create a tiny system as well if you wanted.
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