New system build (3D work and casual gaming)

Hi everyone !

Need some advise on my new built :

Processor : INTEL CORE i7 3770K 3.50Ghz (8MB CACHE)

MotherBoard : Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H | Asus sabertooth Z77

HDD : 1TB caviar Black + 1T caviar green .


GFX Card : Gigabyte GTX 670 ddr5 2 GB .

PC Case : Cooler Master "Storm Enforce" .

LED : Samsung syncmaster Samsung S24B300H 24" .

Cpu Cooler : CM HYPER 212 EVO

PowerSupply :
Cooler Master silent PRO MII 850w | Cooler Master silent pro Gold 800w | CORSAIR 850W HX MODULAR

SSD : Intel SSD 320 series 120 GB

Trying to keep the setup under $1800 while still being as effective . My usage will include 3d application . gpu rendering and casual gaming . I will be moderately OCing my system but not too extreme for now .

I am inclined towards the Gigabyte motherboard . Also it might give better compatibility with GPU by the same manufacturer ?

I am also still not sure which psu to purchase . Unfortunately my region is flooded with CoolerMaster psu with some limited corsair and thermaltake units .

Thanks .

ps : created this thread b4 in the wrong section which was moved . Could never find the moved thread so creating a new one
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  1. A different motherboard won't give "better compatibility" with a GPU.
    The Sabertooth is great, but you'd be better off witha cheaper motherboard.
    800-850w is too much. Gee 650w.
  2. My thoughts exactly . I didn't think there should be a compatibility issue . Initially I was looking for a a psu under 750W but as I am planning to go for 670 SLI down the road , I thought It would be better to purchase an 750w + .
  3. A good 650W is enough for dual cards, but get 750W.

    Upgrade the SSD to the likes of a Vertex 4 or Samsung 830. They outperform the Intel 330 and cost much less.

    Make sure to get low profile RAM, otherwise I foresee issues with them and the 212 EVO.
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