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I have 3 builds here and i can't decide which one is the best. what i'll be using the computer for is mostly school work, and some light gaming. Games like guild wars 2, assassins creed III. They don't have to play maxed out settings just medium-high. I'm looking for something that's cheap and something that i can maybe upgrade in a few months if i need to. I already have an optical drive so i don't need a new one.

Intel i3/HD 7770(Mobo comes with 8 GB ram)


Phenom II x4 965 BE:
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  1. First one reason why i3 is better then other two and 7770 is better then 6670
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    Go with the intel i3 one, beats the other two in benchmarks and should be able to run the games a little bit better aswell, Also in the future you will be able to upgrade Your CPU
  3. Mmm, maybe I would go with that Trinity with a 7770. The i3 with a 7770 would perform about the same.
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