Is a GTX 480 worth the bargain

Hi, I can get hold of a refurbished EVGA GTX 480 f0r £105; would anyone advise this purchase or should I stay away!
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  1. :O That's a great deal, and nothing below 200 pounds comes even close to its performance. I'd say you should grab it ASAP!

    Be warned though, it needs a good power supply and it's very power hungry.
  2. I just heard so much about heat and noise; but you think its worth it!
  3. Noise - well, if you play with sound off - you will be bothered by it. Not so much if you're playing with sound.

    Heat - do you mind your room being 3-5°C hotter than the rest of your place after intense gaming sessions?
  4. it would be better if you could state the rest of your specs so we could determine whether gtx480 would actually do you any good..but damn i hate cards that get very hot.. i would take lower performance any day over extra heat though
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