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hey i just picked up one of the sound blaster audigy cards and it is the plat edition and i am having some serious problems with it. One during install when it gets to about 97% done it freezes for a few minutes then a lil message pops up saying KillApps.EXE is not a valid Win32 program...then i click ok and it goes to 100% and freezes again and then this time a lil message pops up about four times saying REGPLIB.EXE is not a valid Win32 Program...then i click ok on all of them and the installion finishes, i hit restart and when the machine startsw up i geta buncha messages saying my soundcard isnt sintalled proparly and to do it again. Im not sure exactly what the probelm is but i think ihave almost got it pinpointed because at one point i had the card working, i installed the drivers and got my sound bac, but once i went to put in all the software everything went to hell again, it reinstalled the drivers for everything for some odd reason and then installed the software and i got the same problems as before and the same messages as before after obviously im thinking i have a software problem which really sucks cuz not havin all that software workin kinda defeats the purpose of gettin the plat version...and i cant return it because i got it a comp show, so if anyone has any ideas at all and any help at all they can suggest i will greatly apprecaite it, my email addy is if u have any suggestions or ideas for me to try out ill be very happy to hear them, thank you.

On a side note, as of right now i do have sound with just drivers installed, but i really need to get that software in without it getting all messed up on me, i really do not know why this is happening i never heard of any kind of conflics like this, i have an asus culs2 motherboard if that helps, and my OS is Windows98 Second Edition, im dying to know what i can do to fix it because i surly cant return it since it was purchased at a comp yeah right now with only drivers, sound works, i attemtp to install software like AudioHQ Remote Center and Play Center and what not it does,t work, i even tried installing just Remote Center and Surround Mixer but no go anything you guys can do to help me out will be tremendously apprecaited...two whole days attempting to fix this and still no luck, i know there has to be one minor thing i am overlookin and this is why im going through this purgatory....well anyways thanks for any feedback and help, thanks.
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  1. It sounds like you're trying to install Win95 software in Windows 2000 (or something similar).

    Could also be a virus (running two .EXEs during install is kida strange).

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  2. no not at runnin Windows98 second edition and i choose the windows 98 second edition drivers they supply, i guess it could be a virus, could be anything at this point really cuz nothing is helping
  3. when i loaded xgammer drivers they recomended to cancle out of the found new hardware wizzard, and run cd install from fresh enviroment the same might be with yours. try to remove all and go that way and see if it make difference
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