Computer upgrade for Graphic design student

Hello everyone, I am Vuk, graphic design student. I want to upgrade my computer.

Here is list of questions from forum:
-Approximate Purchase Date: Aprox. next week
-System Usage: Graphic design, in first row Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop. From time to time some editing in PremierePro. I dont play any games.
Parts Not Required: Keyborad, Mouse, Monitor, DVD/RW, Case, HDD
Preferred Website for Parts: I am not from USA, so pick whatever you want I just need to see specs
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina
Overclocking: Maybe
SLI or Crossfire: Not sure what this is
Additional Comments: I am total noob for motherboards, so please help me with some details that are important when taking motherboard.

Here are configuration combinations that I need help with:
Combination 1 (suited for OC):
Processor i5 3570k
RAM 2x4GB Kingston HyperX CL11 @2400MHz
Motherboard with Z77 chip that supports RAM with 2400 MHz that is suitable for OC
PSU 600W from Seasonic or Corsair

Combination 2 (not suited for OC) :
Processor i5 (3330/3450/3470)
RAM 2x4GB Kingston HyperXBlue @1600mhz
Motherboard with (not sure) chip that supports RAM with 1600 MHz that is not suitable for OC
PSU 600W from Seasonic or Corsair

My question is, do I need Combination 1 if I work in Adobe programs. Is Combination 2 "enough" for taking care about my regular actions in Adobe. Or is there some third combination that could be compromise between those 2 that I posed? What is cost cut on Combination 2 compared to Combination 1?

I want cheapest motherboards available, but still with some quality features. Installation of SSD and lower-end graphic card in future is possible.
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  1. I'll go with Combination 2. You have the latest CPU technology, nice amount of RAM(12 would be nice to forget about upgrading!)

    Why not Combination 1? You have to pay extra just for the "K" in the CPU, and 2400 MHz RAM is pointless. 1600 MHz is more than enough.

    I recommend ASrock Z77 Pro3 as your motherboard. It's very good.
    Asus P8-Z77M is also good.
  2. Between Asrock Z77 PRO3, Asus P8z77 M and Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H which one is the best in terms of specifications, OC capabilities and Hackintosh support?
  3. They are pretty much similar. A couple of differences but nothing big.
    The chipset, which is the big deal, is the same for the three of them(Z77).
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