Gtx 680, gpu usage up and down

hey everybody, this ones a duzy....Its been driving me crazy. I've been playing Guild Wars 2, and I've been noticing something that happened in BF3. Im using 2 GTX 680's in SLI with Nvidia Surround, 5760x1080 resolution, with MSI afterburner. When playing my gpu usage starts out at 99% for both gpu's and fluctuates 5-10%, my temps never exceed 70 degrees, but after a little while my gpu usage will drop down to 50-70% for both gpu's and my FPS reflects that by dropping down 25-30 FPS.....itll stay like that for awhile then itll go back to 99% gpu usage and everything will be fine, but then the cycle happpens again. Does anyone know what this is? Its been driving me crazy and im using MSI afterburner to keep track of temps, gpu usage, and FPS. My system runs great when my gpu usage is at 99%, i just dont know why it keeps dropping down for extended periods. Ive been keeping my temps under 70 degrees so i dont think its my gpu throttling down. Any help would be appreciated.

Simple terms: Why does my gpu usage drop from 90-99% all the way down to 50-65%, FPS drop a large amount when this happens, and it goes back and fourth between 99% and 60%.

2 x GTX 680's (reference) PNY
Nvidia surround 5760 x 1080, 3 27" LG LEDs
SLI enabled
using MSI Afterburner for slight Overclocks and monitoring
Been switching between 301.42 and drivers

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  1. Read about how the boost clock feature works .... your symptoms are well described and as expected.
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