PC crashing when playing games, might be kinda complicated.

my friend just bought a new 7950 and installed it into his computer running windows 7 64 bit and an i7-860

hes been trying to run shogun 2 on almost max settings with it but it keeps crashing

heres the good part, he originally had a 450 watt psu, but hes since swapped it out for a brand new antec 630 watt with a new antec 300 case

it was still crashing so we discovered his cpu was running at 70C idle... so we installed a new cpu cooler and now it only hits 63C when running prime 95

we also stress tested the GPU using furmark and the temps are fine, run around 60-70

not too sure where else to go, its done this on a couple different drivers as well.
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  1. sounds like you covered most of your bases...what gpu did he have in there before? was he running integrated gpu...what you can do is put the computer back the way he had it when it was stable except for the new psu....then stress test the system (gaming and prime95 etc) then if its stable you know the new psu is stable.....then try throwing the new gpu in..if it becomes unstable its the new gpu....you basically are trying to test only one variable at once so you can figure out the source of the problem...does this all make sense?
  2. the gpu he has in before was a couple year old radeon 5700 series

    do you think the 7950 just cant handle shogun 2 on max settings? it doesnt crash on crysis 2
  3. oh wait...so the computer only crashes in one game (shogun 2) not every game? so it plays crysis 2 perfectly fine? if thats the case then its most likely a driver/software issue....which the only thing you do to fix that is wait for a game update/driver update or try older drivers..what other games does it play fine with?
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