Need help with color scheme...?

Verified all my parts to my specifications, super happy, plan on adding another GTX 660 for SLI later on. But my problem is, I'm kind of going for a gunmetal grey/black and blue color scheme (razer deathadder, Logitech G110 Black, etc) so I really need everything to match. I'm not gonna put that list from "how to ask for advice blah" here because I just need help picking out these parts: but that all match the general black and blue color scheme. I DO NOT WANT BLACK AND RED. xD thanks for all your help, here are some ref. links:

parts list:
Razer DeathAdder:
Logitech G110 Black:
What I need: for all the parts from "parts list" to match my peripherals as well as all the other components. (Darn you asus for using red!)
Not willing to add more than another 50-70 dollars for matching parts. please help. xD thanks.

P.S. buying blue LED strips (x4, one on each side of the case)

EDIT: Fyi, cool story here, the reason I'm going with the deathadder is because 1: even though I'm 13, I have freaking monstrous hands. 2:atm I have a tiny 3x2 logitech 10 dollar mouse from Office Max. orwhatever. 3: My pinky bends in weirdly, so if a mouse is too small, my pinky finger ends up going halfway underneath the mouse, which makes anything involving accuracy or precision near impossible.
words cannot describe how much love I am in with the MS sidewinder, looks so sleek. ah, too bad it's red </3
EDIT 2: I also need a good case other than the HAF 912 with a large side panel window that can fit in my parts. just decided to use the HAF 912 like a default, and go from there. I hate that it has no side panel though. any way you can get a custom side panel for a case? I've seen that done before,
also, ignore the antistatic wrist strap, building my uncles computer soon, figured it'd be a good investment.xD
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  1. I've got my eye on this keyboard as well:

    I've heard fantastic things about roccat.
  2. the only blue 660 i could find was blue/tan. not happy about the tan.
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