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i have been having some issues with my graphic card Nvidia GeForce GTX560 Ti when i play high performance games (sometimes even low performance) where my screen goes black and in sleep mode after a random set of time. the computer is nonresponsive and only thing i can do is to manually restart the computer. internet and other things works just fine. only in games i get this error.
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  1. what are your temps while you are gaming...you can find them by downloading and running a program called gpuz while you game...also what are the specs of the rest of your computer? CPU/RAM/MOBO/POWERSUPPLY......was this always an issue with this card or did it just start happening....you can try and update your drivers and see if that helps too....but it sounds like a gpu that is not getting enough power or is overheating to me
  2. my computer specs are:

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz. 3.70 GHz
    RAM 8.2 GB DDR3
    windows 7 64 bit
    Nvidia GeForce GX 560 Ti

    i have had a problem with this type of card in the past and i took it to the repair shop and they said it was a fabricators error. Now the exact same thing is happening again.

    drivers are up to date.

    When im gaming its usually around 60 degrees celcius. but when i try and play high performance games i see using GPU(or CPU cant remember) tweak that my CPU was at 99% and temperature was going over 84 degrees celcius before i manually close the game to prevent overheating.

    also showed that my card was clocked with 822 MHz
  3. 84c is not a temp that should cause an issue for a GTX560Ti, both of mine have run at higher temps than that for sustained periods.
  4. yeah but mine has the tendency to shut down and make my computer unresponsive and monitor goes into sleep mode
  5. Is the cards HSF full of dust?
  6. i have recently cleaned out the pc both software and hardware. deleting stuff i didnt need and vacumed the entire inside so its pretty much dust free.
  7. Have you checked the power management settings in the Nv control panel?
  8. i have looked around but is there anything specific that im looking for?
  9. Under 3D settings there is a "Power Management" setting, what is yours set to?
  10. it is on adaptive. and ive seen other posts where it was suggested to put it to max insted. i have tried this and also changing the specific game that i trying to run also to max. but it didnt do anything for me
  11. What about your BIOS settings? Have you set any thermal cut-out thresholds?
  12. im very noobish when it comes to BIOS changes also the fact that i have to turn off the pc everytime i have to check something. so if you can be as specific, as you possibly can, to what im looking for that would be awesome
  13. As I have no idea what motherboard you have there is not much I can do to point you in any direction other than power management.
  14. do you want me to just type in the amount of power each stuff has? (in this thread obv notin the bios)
  15. I don't see how that is going to tell you what the BIOS settings are, you need to boot into BIOS and take a look. If you can't or won't do that then you are going to have to start swapping parts around, do you have access to another PC that you can test parts in?
  16. im afraid i wouldnt have any clue what to look for in the bios to see if things are correct. and no i dont have acces to another pc sadly.
  17. I'm not sure what you can do then other than to pay someone to have a look at it for you.
  18. my guarentee is still going strong so i guess im gonna have em repair it for the second time :) i just figured that perhaps if i knew the error i could help them help me.
  19. your best bet is to get it replaced under warranty...you said this happened before so I am not surprised if its the same issue.
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