Where do i get a resolution driver for windows 7 hp

I need a higher resolution for my high definition flat screen its a 42 inch plasma panasonic hooked up with a HDMI cord but I have office professional with windows 7 does anybody have any suggestions on how to do it or any drivers I can download to make the resolution fit perfectly on my screen
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  1. Your tv has a set maximum resolution. Which it can not go above this is set by its dpi. Are you talking about an aspect ratio? Or are you talking about if you want your page in word to fill your screen?
  2. which plasma model? there'r many :) 720p or 1080p? ...fist if u plasma support 720p or 1080p your laptop or desktop need a video card that support such resolution. minimize everything, right click on the middle of the screen (make sure your tv is connected to the laptop or desktop) click on Screen Resolution....if u have these resolution available 1280x720 for 720p and 1920x1080 for 1080p then u can change it.....i hope this will help.
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