New build-can't install an OS period I'm not a noob but there is alot I do not know. I spent the last month putting together my first build off newegg mostly. When i go to install either windows or ubuntu I get problems.

-Here's a list of the hardware in my budget rig I built, although I'm certain there's nothing wrong with any of it.

> Biostar A880GZ AM3+ AMD Socket SATA 6Gb/s Mobo w/on-board HD Radeon 4250
> AMD FX 6200 AM3+ 3.8GHz Six-Core Processor
> G. Skill NS 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333 RAM
> WD Caviar Green 1TB HDD
> Raidmax Hybrid 2 RX-530SS 530W ATX12V PSU
> Samsung DVD Burner SATA Model SH-224BB-OEM

Anyways...So here's the scoop on what I've been going through since Wednesday when i got all excited to get my rig up and running after I talked the guy at Office Depot down 30 bucks for my HDD.

I put everything left to put in inside and turned it on no problem. I installed Windows 7 no problem. I proceed with installing all the various drivers for Biostar and AMD and next thing i know i get a black screen...ok. So I just restart and try again only to get the same problem. So then I decide lets try ubuntu...didn't make it through one install before i get some gnarly orange screen. So then I keep on keepin on with this make it work effort of mine windows/ubuntu/windows/ubuntu/ get the idea. Then one time on boot i notice a CMOS fail message. Alright...easy enough. I make sure I know what I'm doing first and proceed to clearing CMOS and reboot. Since then I've not had that problem. So then I go back to the windows i had still from first install and try these drivers again...success. I managed to get the bios updated, lan, hdmi, etc but the AMD drivers were still giving me hell. I thought I narrowed it down and start trying to do other stuff and I get black screen again. I even just left it going over night to no avail. Then I'm like ok there's gotta be somethin wrong so I start investigating some diagnostics tools and ran across this "Universal Boot & Nuke Disc" with all these utilities and such. I ran tests on my HDD, Memory, CPU...all working properly and as they should. Also it's worth mentioning I was able to sit there with no problems whatsoever for about 2 hours with the UB&ND and never got any black screen. I lost count on how many times I've tried to wipe my HDD and clean install Windows 7 and Ubuntu only to see a black/orange screen. Last night I finally installed Windows 8 after it blacked out on me the first time and now i can get to the desktop and whatnot but it still just blacks out on me and I just have no clue what to try next besides to start sending stuff back to newegg, which would defeat my purpose of the last month.

Would like some response asap, trying to figure this out while on my days email is (i also have yahoo messenger and i'm always on) but i will check back on here in a while. Thanks in advance to anyone's efforts that may get me going in the right direction. Laters. -Bryan
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  1. Sounds like its graphics related.
    You say it goes black during the installation of Windows, does it go black when the screen is to refresh (when adjusting youre resolution/graphics) about half way through the windows installation?
    Any chance you can try a dedicated card?
  2. Try plugging your screen into a different port if it's available, such as hdmi or dvi instead of vga or vice versa.
  3. Thanks for your advice...I actually just got it working 2 days ago. I was actually getting mentally prepared to go drop a bill on a graphics card when a buddy of mine came over and took a look at it and all he did was disable powernow and c-state in the bios and its been running like a champ, no problems whatsoever. I was really stressing about it but i'm glad all is well. For the record I had plugged it into my brother's flat screen at one point through HDMI and it still did the nonsense. I appreciate the responses though. I don't know if there's any long term effects to having the powernow and c-state disabled...haven't googled anything, but for now I'm happy.
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