Blue screen of death on fresh install; CPU?

Hey everyone. I'm not sure if this is the best section to post this in, so if there is a better one I wouldn't mind it getting moved.

So about 3 months of use, my computer started blue screening to the point where it became pretty much unusable. No hardware changes, no software changes. Long story short, I've reinstalled windows multiple times. Swapped in different RAM, a different hard drive, took out the video card, different power supply, and even RMA'd my motherboard. Still blue screen. The stop error is generally 0x0000001e with blank parameters (0x0000000). However, I managed to catch a different one:
STOP: 0x0000008e (0xc0000005, 0x8f06d4dd, 0x8f06d46c, 0x00000000)

As far as I can see, the only piece of hardware left is the CPU.. unless I received a defective motherboard, or there is another potential piece of hardware causing the blue screens. Or one of the parts I ruled out (hard drive, PSU) is actually causing the problem? (don't see how)

I'm really desperate to solve this problem.. I would really appreciate any help!
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  1. Try to run memtest for a few passes.
  2. Why would that matter if I already tested different, working RAM?

    I will still memtest though.
  3. Ah, must have missed that part.

    What specs and power supplies have you been using?
  4. Did you flash the Bios , if yes then this must be the reason of BSOD
    other reasons are :
    installing incompatible software like Outpost firewall + Comodo Antivirus
    if its not software , then it must be hardware , if its not hardware it must be bios
    I would like to solve your problem , please mail me and send me a massage
    with detailed information ,

    like when you get the BSOD ?
    What about safe Mode ? do you get BSOD in safe Mode ?
    Did you flash bios recently ?
    Try Ubuntu 12.04 Live CD ,
    scan you PC with Kaspersky Rescue disk [ no need but you should have one , you can access Internet and Scan PC even if your OS is Damaged ]
    Generally when you get the BSOD at the start up or randomly ?

    Try uninstalling Satrup applications like security suites and stuff
  5. Didn't flash the BIOS. This is a new motherboard from cross shipping. Fresh install of windows.

    Anyways, last night I ran memtest and woke up to this

    Then ran another memtest while I was at school and came home to this

    Hit enter and then from that point on video stopped working altogether.. my motherboard just hangs with the VGA_LED and outputs no video. Even tried taking out the video card and using the onboard video through the motherboard but still no video output and VGA_LED remains lit.
  6. I do think that its a CPU ,
    please mention your specs
    like mobo, processor is i5 3550 , ram ,HDD

    Read this article

  7. I RMA'd my CPU on October 30th.. Will update when I receive the replacement.
  8. I solved it, it was my CPU.
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