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So I have a TV that I use as a computer monitor. I believe its native resolution is close to 1280 x 720( like 1366 x something). Whenever I try to play games for a minute or two in a higher in game resolution, my TV loses signal or blanks out and i have to do a hard restart.

Do problems like this happen when playing games higher than your native resolution?
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  1. Don't play higher than native resolution. The panel cannot display that anyway. Read this:

    That said, I doubt your problem happens due to resolution. I'd suggest downloading HWMonitor, Prime95 and Furmark. Run HWMonitor to watch temperatures, and run Prime95 In-Place Large FFTs test and Furmark Burn-in test. Check both CPU and GPU temperatures for around 10 minutes and report the maximums back.

  2. I did the furmark test and let gpu get to 100c before stopping it. Didn't want it to fry my card. It took about 10 min.

    Didn't have any problems.
  3. stuartrratcliff said:
    Do problems like this happen when playing games higher than your native resolution?

    Figure out what your native resolution is on your TV it's probably 1280x720 and play at that resolution.
  4. Well, you've found your problem. Is the computer semi new? If it's at least 3 months old, I'd suggest cleaning the dust out of your PC.
  5. Sorry I haven't replied sooner. My tv is a Vizio VX37L. Websites say the native resolution is 1366 x 768. AMD CCC alows me to set the desktop up to 1080p, not sure if that has anything to do with my TV supporting those resolutions. Also, when I do set my games to over 1280x720, the graphics DO look better while it lasts. Unless I'm just going crazy from working on this issue this long.

    Even if my tv doesn't support those high resolutions, I dont understand how it can account for my tv screen to blank out( go blue actually for Vizios ) and my graphic card's fan to slow back down( seeing as I have it at 75% for playing this game)

    It also only happens when I play Battlefield 3. Games like Skyrim and Fallout 3 work fine.
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