Couple of questions about my first build

Hey guys i wanted to ask a few questions about my first pc build that i'm gonna order in a couple of days.

Motherboard: Asrock Z77 EXTREME4
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770
RAM: Corsair 2 x DIMM 4 Gb 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM 1600 mhz
PSU: Corsair CMPSU-650TXV2EU Alimentatore Corsair 650 W Serie Enthusiast TX650V2 - 80 PLUS® Bronze
HDD: Western Digital WD1002FAEX Caviar 1TB Hard-Disk interno ( 8,9 cm (3,5 pollici), 7200rpm, Cache 64MB , SATA)
SSD: Samsung SSD 830 128 GB, SATA, 6 GB/s

Will everything fit in this case? Fractal Design Arc
That motherboard fits/is good for the i7-3770 ?
If in the future i will get a video capture card, will it fit in that motherboard/case ?
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  1. What is PC to be used for. If gaming, there is no advantage to i7, over i5. If for photo/video editing, or 3D design, I understand i7, but why not the i7-3770K. You have a Z77 motherboard, capable of overclocking CPU, but a locked CPU, which can't be overclocked. If you can confirm, on these points, I can advise on any revisions. If you could confirm your location, that will make it easier.
  2. I'll use this pc for gaming, streaming and video editing (maybe some photo editing too), i will not overclock the CPU because i'm not able to do it.
    I live in Italy and i'll buy everything from
  3. I'll buy the parts tonight, hope someone can answer the questions i posted :)
  4. There is nothing which is wrong, in your build, but a couple of observations

    CPU: If you are doing a lot of video/photo editing, to a good standard i7 is a good choice. If you are only doing a small amount, at a basic level, it doesn't really justify the expense of i7. i5 is ok for that, and is just as good for gaming. Normally, I would say, if you are getting a Z77 motherboard, it makes no sense to not get i7-3770K, even if you don't have plans to overclock. That is because the "K" processors are normally very similar price, and overclocking, in reserve, even if not for now, makes sense. It seems, though, that there is a 30 Euro difference, in price, on that site, so the advantage of getting i7-3770K, rather than i7-3770, is less certain. Either choice would be sensible.
    RAM: It's not clear from your description, exactly which RAM you intend. Would prefer low profile, as that will allow you to fit better cooler, in future, to CPU, if you find you want to. You need at least 8GB(2x4GB) 1600 MHzC9 DDR3, from Corsair CML, or GSKill Ares, or Crucial Ballistix Sport, ranges. If you are doing video editing, that needs a lot of RAM, so you may want to get 16GB, as 2x8GB not 4x4GB. The same types of RAM should be used, although, for 8GB modules, you may find C10 is more available, and only slightly less efficient.
    PSU: You've selected 650w. Is that because you may add 2nd GPU, in SLi? If so, 650w is adequate, but 700, or 750w would give you more scope, if you want to overclock GPU (that's very easy, and worthwhile). If you only want a single GPU, then 500w, 550w maximum, is adequate.

    Subject to those observations, your build is fine.
  5. Thanks very much for your help :D
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