ATI Radeon 7770 "Double Diamond Overclock" Game crashes

Hello everybody, so, I have spent hours upon hours trying to find any kind of support on this issue, and though there is, there is still no solution to it, so here's my sad, sad story.

I recently upgraded my GPU from Radeon 5850 to the above title mentioned graphics card. It installed fine, updated drivers fine, everything - fine.

But when I go to play most games (Dead Island, Portal 2, Diablo 3 EVEN went back to GTA4) And it always, ALWAYS "Crashes". "Crashes" In quotes because what happends is the game will freeze for a couple of seconds, then go to a black screen for a couple of seconds, and then go back to the game... FOR a couple of seconds before starting the circle all over again.

I Eventually came to the conclusion based on boards everywhere, it was a power problem, buuuut, after buying a new power source (520W) when the card only asks for 450W, The problem - STILL continues. I am at my witts end people PuHlEaSe Help me, before I go back to my 5850 and cant play half the new games coming out now.

Quick Specs:
Windows 7 (64)
8G GDDR3 Ram
5400 Sata Harddrive
Brand new 520W Power Source,
Brand new ATI Radeon 7770HD Double Diamond Overclock.
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  1. well the 7770 is really not much of an upgrade to the 5850 the 5850 is a little slower than the 6870 and the 6870 is def a faster card than the 7770....have you tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling the lastest ones? also what are your gpu temps in game? use gpuz to find them
  2. Yeah you downgraded going to the 7770. By quite a bit. Do some research before you waste money.
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