Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver Error

Ok, interesting situation here. Built my PC about a year ago. Played every game fine on ultra settings. Fast forward to about a week ago, I am now getting this error. Here's the catch: it's only when playing World of Warcraft or the beta for the new one. BF3 on ultra, World of Tanks, Arkham Asylum, everything else works fine. WoW worked fine before, but I uninstalled for a while and now re-installed (girlfriend made me) and am now getting this error. Been on chats with Nvidia and they have had me uninstall and clean install new drivers, didn't work, change settings on the card, didn't work, and so now I turn to you all.

Driver error is 301.42, though got the same on an earlier driver they had me try and the latest beta one. 301.42 is latest released driver.

My specs:
Win7 Pro 64-bit
Intel i7 2600K (Running at ~31C idle)
Asus P8Z68-V PRO Mobo
8Gb Dual-Channel DDR3 @802MHz
GeForce GTX 570 (crashes happened as low at 64C, but temps can get up to 76C)
Dual Monitors
2 2Tb HDDs

I've tried searching a lot of sites and trying tips others have mentioned, but nothing seems to work. It only happens during these two games. I don't overclock and the GPU is not overclocked either. Any help resolving this would be much appreciated. If you want any other info, I would be happy to supply it. Thank you everyone who takes the time to read and respond.
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  1. right lol blame WoW on the girlfriend classic haha lol jk....if the system works perfectly fine with other games and doesnt crash this leads us to believe its def a software issue...the problem with that is that you seem to have tried everything you can...sometimes drivers just dont want to work right with certain can either try a bunch of older drivers and see if that helps you or it might just take a new updated driver from nvidia or a game update for WoW....I have had an issue with mw3 and my 285's since it came out (sli will drop out and I will get microstuttering up the butt at random times) and this has not been fixed to this day. sometimes it just happens and there really isnt much you can do about it...your best bet is to hit up google and see if this is a common issue with the game and your card and if it is hopefully it will be fixed sooner rather than never lol
  2. I figured it's some software error. In fact I uninstalled again, reinstalled to no avail. And just installed beta and it happens still. Might go back to older drivers to see if those help. Tried updating firmware of the gpu, but that failed too. I'm just hoping someone knows of something I haven't thought of to try and fix it. It used to work just fine. A year ago. But not today lol.
  3. after a quick google search one thing to try is to make sure the game is not being launched in dx11...people have had issues with dx11 in this game Idk if its fixed or not but its worth a shot
  4. So i reverted back to an older driver and that seemed to work. And it did, for a while, but eventually it happened again. You mentioned dx11 might be giving it fits, but I can't seem to find how to change it to run in dx9. I'm probably just blind or stupid. It looks like a command you change in a file or something?
  5. do a google search on it...I did and found a bunch of sites telling you how to do this I just dont know anything about WoW so it would be easier if you look it up
  6. drums101 said:
    do a google search on it...I did and found a bunch of sites telling you how to do this I just dont know anything about WoW so it would be easier if you look it up

    Yeah, I found that editing a file in the directory should change it from 11 to 9, and did that. So far it's more stable, but still errored out. Might just have to live with it I guess.
  7. yea sometimes that is the case. like I said about my mw3 issue...blame nvidia for not fixing issues with games and cards that are not brand new. Once a new generation of cards comes out they ignore the previous generations issues.
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