Build my own PC or upgrade a really old laptop?

Hi there,
I'm debating over whether or not to build my own pc from scratch or to upgrade my family's really old dell laptop. Either way I'd be on a tight budget, as I am in high school with no job and would be funded by my parents. Which one do you think would be cheaper? I'd try to go for around the 800 dollar range if I built my own pc, but with the laptop I could strip the whole thing and buy better parts..

My final question is this: could I take some of the laptop parts and put them into a case for a desktop? I think somewhere in my attic there is a really old IBM case that I could probably use and I could take a few other pieces from either this laptop that I own or a friend of mine's that he doesn't use...

Any and all advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
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  1. The laptop I described has a Genuine Intel T2300 Processor that has a speed of 1.63 Ghz... is it worth keeping? the RAM is awful, with only 1024 MB... the screen is huge however so I definitely see some potential... and the keyboard has a bunch of missing pieces... so I'd have to replace that too.. I honestly don't know about the motherboard.. but I know that the computer is a stock Dell Inspiron MP061.. any creative ideas as to how to upgrade
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    While you can use a laptop optical drive(Adapter needed) or hard drive/SSD(addapter needed for IDE. bracket for general 2.5inch drives into 3.5 in bays.) in a desktop, most of the other parts are not made to be moved. Those parts are cheap and can be picked up new anyway.

    You are almost certainly better with the DIY desktop route. Some users on here can price you some real nice systems for the price.

    You can try to post with this format and i am sure someone will help you get a good build.
  3. Generally speaking laptop and desktop components are not compatible. In reality, the only components from a laptop that you *might* be able to place into a desktop system are the hard drive and optical drive. Anything else generally requires very specific power and form factor requirements that just do not conform to desktop PCs.

    Your best bet would be to build your own PC.

    -Wolf sends
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