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Evening everyone,

My question is what would be a good budget video card that can run BF3 with at least 50fps even on low settings. It doesnt not have too look great for me cause coming from 360 even on low it looks beter than xbox. I am looking for something under 100$ if possible.

Links would be awesome as well.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. forgot, CPU is a core 2 quad Q6600 with corsair 750 watt psu. I know my cpu is getting dated but just need a new graphics card to hold me over for a year or two. thanks!
  2. Of those, I would recommend the GTX460 SE above. . Which power supply are you running? Like what brand and model?

    EDIT: That GTX460 SE is out of stock now. These is what I would recommend:



    Here's a chart that shows the cards on a chart:


    These should run BF3 just fine.
  3. If you can swing it, a HD7770 will do well. The GTX460 is a refurbished model, so I'd be a little leery of it; it's also one tier lower than the HD7770.
  4. Ten $$ more gets you this w/rebate ==> MSI Ghz .
    Should play most games at 1080p at decent settings for a while.

    You can also OC your cpu a little.
  5. HD6850 or a HD6870 both are great cards now available for less than $200. for this price you could pull 50+fps on high i suppose
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